Learn more about what Christy believes and what she’ll do as Idaho’s next Congresswoman.

Cutting Taxes

Christy knows that we must lower taxes at all levels and simplify the tax code. Excessive taxes rob citizens of their ability to provide for themselves and, instead, makes them more dependent on government services. Higher taxes also hamper our economy by inhibiting capital investment and private enterprise.

Congress should put America’s citizens FIRST, and not the people of other nations, when spending taxpayer dollars. Tax structures should be designed to keep America’s jobs at home. The Obama recovery has left hard-working Americans underemployed and struggling to make a living wage. Easing the tax burden will allow Idahoans to keep more of what they earn, get back on their feet, and secure their future.

We must also simplify the tax code to ease the burden on both individuals and businesses alike. A tax structure which is stable, fair, and easily-implemented is best for our citizens.

Christy does NOT believe Congress should raise taxes to reduce the deficit. Instead, Congress should reduce wasteful spending, fraud, and duplication of programs and services.


Eliminating Wasteful Spending

Idahoans understand how to balance their household budgets and live within their means, so why can’t Congress? Christy will take this common-sense approach to Washington to tackle Congress’ reckless spending. Significantly reducing spending will take a leader like Christy who has the backbone necessary to take on the special interest groups.

Excessive deficit spending has eroded America’s position as a global leader. Currently, America’s foreign policy decisions depend on the anticipated reaction of the countries which hold our debt notes. The countries with the largest share of our debt and, therefore, the greatest influence over our foreign policy decisions include China, Japan, and the oil-exporting countries of Iran, Iraq, and Libya. America should not be beholden to any other country when making foreign policy decisions. Instead, America must have the power and the freedom to make decisions that put our citizens and our country FIRST.

Even at home, Congress continues to find new and surprising ways to continue their wildly irresponsible spending. Many government programs, including the food stamp program (now called SNAP – the Supplemental Nutrition Program), even hand out bonuses to states for making more people reliant on the federal government.


Reducing Government Regulations to Create Jobs & Stimulate the Economy

As a small business owner, Christy has seen firsthand how tax hikes and burdensome regulations can stifle a business’ ability to grow and hire employees. The federal bureaucracy justifies its existence by creating more and more regulations…and we bear the burden. At the national level, Christy will work to get government get out of the way of small business owners, which comprise almost 98% of active businesses nationally. All efforts to reduce taxes, regulations, mandates, and “red tape” should be made to ensure the success of private enterprise. Small businesses are the ones who create the jobs that employ our citizens and stimulate our economy, not the government.

Through business-friendly policies and lower taxes, Christy will give small businesses the opportunity to remain incubators of discovery and innovation, the driving force of our economy. America’s economic growth equates to economic freedom for businesses, individuals, and families alike. Government should not compete with private industry and Christy will work to grow and maintain a free marketplace open to competition in all sectors, especially healthcare.


Protecting Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Christy grew up hunting and sport shooting in Canyon County and, today, she co-owns Buckhorn Gun Shop with her husband, Matt. For Christy, the 2nd Amendment is not merely a slogan; it’s her way of life and her livelihood.

As a lifetime member of the NRA, Christy is keenly aware of the incessant liberal attacks on our Constitutional guarantee. We must rebut ANY attempt, big or small, by the government to take our guns. Christy will always support and promote legislation to strengthen our 2nd Amendment rights, just as she has at the state level. Christy has consistently received the NRA’s highest A+ rating during her seven years in the Legislature.

Although most Washington D.C. politicians don’t understand that firearms are part of Idaho’s way of life, Christy will be Idaho’s voice of reason in Congress. Christy knows that we can’t count on the government for protection and citizens must be able to protect and defend ourselves in any situation. That’s why Christy is always packing!



Education is a state and local responsibility, not a federal mandate. Education begins in the home with parents and continues as a collaborative effort between those parents, our valued teachers, and our local communities. Christy will work to ensure parents maintain their rights to choose the appropriate education style for their child, whether that be public, private, religious, or charter schools, online courses, or home schooling. In addition, she’ll always vote to keep the federal government out of matters that are best left to the states, especially education.

At the federal level, Christy will fight to ensure that Idaho gets the education funding it deserves to ensure that rural students have the same access to a high-quality education as their urban counterparts. Community colleges and universities receiving federal funding must partner better with the business community to ensure that they are producing students who will meet the needs of Idaho’s industries to grow our economy.

Equal value should be placed on career development with vocational and technical educational opportunities beginning in every high school as well as active participation in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.



As healthcare costs continue to rise under Obamacare, Idahoans have struggled to afford their premiums. Christy will work to roll back the high-priced, Obamacare mandates that have had such a negative effect on our middle-class citizens and families. Christy believes that a healthcare system built on incentives, rather than mandates, increased regulations, and penalties, will produce the best healthcare outcomes for our citizens.

Christy also believes that we should keep our promise to the hardworking Americans who played by the rules and paid into a system that is supposed to be there for them when they need it the most. Christy will fight to keep big-spending politicians and special interest groups from raiding Medicare to pay for pet projects.

Christy knows that healthcare is best left to the states and Christy will vote to return Idaho’s decision-making power.


Protecting Life

All life is God-given and, therefore, all life is valuable. God instills talent and purpose in every person beginning at conception, if not before. Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…”

Christy believes in the sanctity and value of all life from conception and has demonstrated this principle in her voting record at the state level. Christy does not believe government funds should be used to terminate life in any fashion. As a nation, our focus should be on promoting adoption as a viable alternative to abortions.



America’s transportation infrastructure is in disrepair, as most of our roads and bridges are structurally deficient and functionally obsolete. Congress has been shortsighted in caring for our aging infrastructure and has refused to provide a long-term, stable transportation funding stream. Instead, Congress has opted to provide short-term stop-gap measures at least 33 times in the last 7 years. Christy believes this is unacceptable.

Transportation is the lifeblood of our economy and we are entirely dependent upon it for both personal and business opportunities. Citizens and businesses alike want a reliable transportation and funding system designed to meet our future needs as our population, technology, and economy grow. Investments in our infrastructure systems, including roads, bridges, airports, water and sewer systems, and power grids, must be a top priority for Congress.



America’s strength lies in her Christianity and her diversity. America has always welcomed legal immigrants who work to achieve the “American Dream”.  However, our current immigration system is broken. Immigration controls are necessary to ensure America’s national security and the safety of our citizens and that begins with securing our borders.

Christy recognizes the need to create an immigration system which incorporates a sound agricultural worker program on which Idaho relies. Such a program would allow temporary, legal access for migrants to work in Idaho’s agricultural industries, which are suffering from a lack of available labor. America once had a viable agricultural worker program and we must restore a program that meets Idaho’s needs while keeping our citizens safe.


National Security & Defense

America and her Christian values are under constant attack at home and abroad. America must continue to invest in its military and increase border security. However, the key to America’s future security relies on our ability to effectively gather and utilize intelligence.

Cyber terrorism is also an emerging threat to America. Right here in Idaho, the Idaho National Laboratory is a leader in research to protect the data of small businesses, large corporations, government agencies, and everyone in between. Christy will work to ensure that the Idaho National Laboratory has the funding it needs to continue their work in this critical emerging issue.

Christy also believes that we must take care of those who fight to protect us. As the mother of a veteran, Christy has seen first-hand the effects of deployment and will fight to ensure that everyone who volunteered to protect our freedom is cared for when they return.


Managing Idaho’s Natural Resources

Christy has already successfully fought back against the federal government’s attempts to rob Idaho of our right to manage our own land and water.  When Washington D.C. politicians and bureaucrats wanted to deny access to Lake Lowell, Christy was furious. Along with her fellow Idahoans, Christy organized a “Save the Lake” campaign and orchestrated one of the largest demonstrations against the federal government in Idaho…and we won! At Lake Lowell, we now maintain and control our water for our agricultural survival, our sportsmen’s rights to hunt and fish, and our access for everyone to enjoy our land.

Christy will continue this same fight in Congress to ensure that Idaho takes back control of our own land and water. Managing our natural resources properly will bring prosperity and jobs to both rural and urban areas.